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Features of automation equipment

Features of automation equipment

2022-12-15 18:13:13

1. Customization.
Automation equipment is an existing demand, followed by equipment, (sauce filling machine factory China)which provides personalized equipment and services according to the needs of users.

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For the same type of equipment, different customers have different considerations, and the design of the equipment will have great deviations. (chips packing machine supplier china)What satisfies customer A may not necessarily satisfy customer B. For example, some customers pay attention to the performance of equipment, and they need to consider multiple security protection, lean, etc.; Standard parts brands and so on.


2. Innovation and risk.
Since automation equipment is usually customized according to customer needs, equipment manufacturers need to realize functions by combining different structures based on the principle of mature structures. The process is an innovative process from scratch, and equipment is basically equivalent to new development.


Therefore, it is usually followed by risks. The level of risks depends on the technical strength of equipment manufacturers on the one hand, and on the grasp of customer needs on the other hand.