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  • The development direction of packaging machines in 2023
    With the development of logistics and e-commerce industries, providing efficient, complete and reliable packaging services has become an important factor in improving corporate income and reputation. In 2023, as a kind of automation equipment, packaging machines will usher in a new development direction....
    Read More>>Release on2023-01-03
  • What are the measuring devices of packaging machinery?
    The volumetric measurement method is based on the basic principle that a certain volume of loose powder particles is a certain quantitative value. Commonly used volume metering devices include measuring cup metering, drum metering, screw metering, chamber metering and other devices....
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  • What is a filling line?
    The filling line is a key part of most filling and packaging equipment, responsible for driving the production process. Its main function is to put the raw materials into the container, and at the same time control the existing amount in the container to ensure the uniformity of the front and back, the quality assurance of the product and the cost saving....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-29
  • The impact of new crown on automatic packaging machine equipment
    With the emergence of the new crown virus, the production system in the world is threatened, especially the transportation service and warehousing industries have become the key protection objects of the new crown virus. To some extent, the new crown virus has also caused twists and turns in the packaging industry, making it face challenges that it did not have before, while still ensuring that products are packaged and safely shipped....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-21
  • Features of automation equipment
    Automation equipment is an existing demand, followed by equipment, which provides personalized equipment and services according to the needs of users....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-15
  • Why is the price of the same packaging machine equipment very different?
    In fact, as long as your product needs to be packaged and needs to be put into the packaging bag, then you can use the packaging machine, because the working principle of the packaging machine is basically to convert gas into electricity to cooperate with each other to drive the machine, so the use of some internal parts will be harmful Price has a big impact....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-13
  • Current status of development of tobacco packaging machinery technology in my country
    There are many companies manufacturing tobacco packaging machinery in my country. Since 1988, it has introduced, digested and absorbed the packaging unit technology of companies such as Italian GD and German FOCKE, shortening the gap with foreign advanced levels, and the overall technical level has improved rapidly. Now it can provide 400 packs per minute ZB45 hard box packaging unit and ZB25 soft box packaging unit....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-08
  • Features of packaging machinery automation product modules
    In the design process of modern packaging machinery, modular design is one of the more innovative design approaches. The main design concept is to carry out corresponding design according to the division of multiple modules and different functions, and then through different combinations of module design, let the corresponding The design of packaging machinery is functional, complete and systematic....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-05
  • What is the function of the packaging machine?
    Using packaging machinery can reliably ensure product hygiene. According to the Health Law, some products (such as food and medicine packaging) are not allowed to pack them by hand because they will pollute products and mechanical packaging can avoid direct contact with food and medicines to ensure hygiene quality....
    Read More>>Release on2022-12-03
  • Current status of beverage packaging industry
    Since the end of the last century, all kinds of domestic packaging companies have to spend a huge amount of money to buy some packaging machinery for beverages, dairy products and beer from abroad, and this trend still exists today....
    Read More>>Release on2022-11-30
  • Powder filling machine selection skills
    Enterprises use the functions of filling equipment to achieve product filling so that the packaged goods are flawless, and the sales volume in the market has increased. According to different filling materials, powder filling machine manufacturers carry out special designs to make powder filling machines more closely meet customer needs....
    Read More>>Release on2022-11-28
  • What is the technological performance of the packaging machine?
    According to research, my country's packaging machines are more inclined to integrated molding and fully automatic control packaging machines. The packaging machine needs to combine food classification and screening, food preliminary molding and manufacturing, and food packaging and molding. In some of the processes, it is also necessary to include functions such as sterilization, disinfection and cleaning....
    Read More>>Release on2022-11-18
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