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What is the function of the packaging machine?

What is the function of the packaging machine?

JYT 2022-12-03 10:53:32

1. Using packaging machinery can greatly increase labor productivity. Mechanical packaging is much faster than manual packaging. For example, candy packaging can only pack a dozen candy in 1 minute, (sugar sachet packing machine China manufacturer)and the candy packaging machine can be packed hundreds or even thousands of candy per minute, which increases the efficiency dozens of times.

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2. It can improve the quality of the packaging and enhance the reliability of the reliability of the internal materials that cannot keep the quality of thousands of pieces of packaging and interior at the same packaging quality. If the mechanical packaging is used, you can follow the design requirements and according to the required requirements. ( China bottle cartoning machine manufacturers)Specifications and sizes are specified and standardized to ensure that the quality of packaging meets national standards. For example, when using packaging mechanical packaging drugs and food, the product's direct contact with the person's hand is avoided, and the stay in the air is short, which strengthens the protection and hygiene of the product. Due to the accurate measurement, the appearance of the product packaging is neat and tightly sealed, which has improved, which has improved. The packaging quality of the product can extend the shelf life of the product and enhance the competitiveness of market sales.

3. It can reduce the cost of packaging, save raw materials, and save loose products such as cotton and tobacco, such as cotton and tobacco. When the compressed packaging machine is packaged, it can greatly reduce the volume, save packaging materials, also save warehouse capacity, increase storage volume, reduce The custody cost can also be installed during transportation, which saves transportation costs; when using packaging mechanical packaging liquid and powder products, it can reduce liquid products and dust products. Save raw materials and reduce product costs.


4. Using packaging machinery can reliably ensure product hygiene. According to the Health Law, some products (such as food and medicine packaging) are not allowed to pack them by hand because they will pollute products and mechanical packaging can avoid direct contact with food and medicines to ensure hygiene quality.


5. Using packaging machinery can promote the development of related industries. Packaging machinery is a comprehensive science that involves disciplines such as materials, crafts, equipment, electronics, electrical appliances, automatic control and other disciplines. Any discipline issues will affect the entire packaging machinery. performance.