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  • What are the common problems when buying a granule packaging machine?
    Granular packaging machines are still widely used in the food industry, such as granular salt, granular monosodium glutamate, granular peanuts, etc. As long as they are granular foods, they can be filled and sealed by granular packaging machines. The packaging containers are cups, bowls, boxes, barrels, self-supporting nozzle bags, etc., all of which can be filled....
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  • How to solve the failure of the PLC control system of the packaging machine?
    There are two maintenance methods for the failure of the PLC output point. The more convenient one is to use a programmer to modify the program, modify the damaged output point to a spare output point, and adjust the line at the same time. If the 1004 point of the control solenoid valve is damaged, change it to the backup point 1105 point. You can use the programmer to find the relevant statements at point 1004, keep(014)01004 is keep(014)01105....
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  • What daily maintenance is required for the three-dimensional packaging machine?
    It is necessary to use the three-dimensional packaging machine correctly to prevent unnecessary failures and ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment. Users need to have a good understanding of the layout, performance, working principle and key points of operation of the three-dimensional packaging machine....
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  • Five points of purchase of essential oil filling machine
    Operators of essential oil filling machines must determine what they are buying the filling machine for before purchasing the equipment. Each essential oil filling machine has different uses, and most customers hope that one machine can fill all the materials, which is an unrealistic problem. For example, there is a difference between edible oil and lubricating oil. It is very important that the same essential oil filling machine cannot be used....
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  • Electronic cigarette oil (edible oil) filling machine
    Small and medium packaging edible oil filling machine, small packaging edible oil filling machine generally refers to the filling work of 50ml-5L edible vegetable oil; medium packaging edible oil filling machine generally refers to the filling work of 10L-25L edible vegetable oil. The edible oil filling machine for small and medium packaging can measure or weigh the filling oil to ensure the filling accuracy of the oil....
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  • Installation manual for vertical packaging machine
    We Foshan Jiayite Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an experienced manufacturer with our own brand and production line. Our technicians and quality inspection team use burn-in lines, professional equipment and instruments to test products one by one to ensure the quality of all products....
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  • Factors that determine the filling speed of the honey filling machine
    The filling speed of the honey filling machine is also related to the thickness of the filling head and the number of filling heads of the filling machine. The thicker the filling head and the more filling heads, the faster the filling speed, and vice versa. Therefore, the filling speed of the honey canning machine is also related to the selected model of the filling machine.​​...
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  • Tea packaging machine maintenance
    Because of the high precision of the automatic packaging machine, all kinds of dirt will affect the operation of the machine and equipment, and have an impact on the working efficiency of the automatic tea packaging machine. Therefore, before the automatic tea packaging machine is started, check the inlet and outlet of the automatic tea packaging machine to eliminate dirt in time to ensure the packaging effect of the goods and food hygiene.​​...
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  • Precautions for the use of screw packaging machine
    Screw accessories are indispensable materials in many manufacturing industries. They are widely used in automobile, lighting, bathroom, furniture and other manufacturing industries. The number of screws in assembly is also very demanding, neither more nor less. At present, many manufacturers Some screw packs will be distributed with the product....
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  • What should I do if the packaging falls off during the operation of the packaging machine?
    When there is a problem with the packaging machine, first of all, we should check carefully to see where it appears. When we're not sure, we can also listen with our ears to see if there are air leaks or unusual noises anywhere....
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  • How to choose the right liquid packaging machine for you?
    How can the modern production workshop achieve efficient production without the help of a fully automatic liquid packaging machine? As an enterprise producer, how to choose a suitable packaging machine is a problem that every production enterprise must consider....
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  • What are the factors that affect the packaging effect of the cartoning machine?
    The bottle filling and cartoning machine produced by our company is suitable for all kinds of bottles, cans, cans and carton packaging, and can be used in daily chemical, food, medicine and other industries. The intelligent PLC automatic control system can automatically complete a series of processes such as unpacking, packing and sealing....
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