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Precautions for the use of screw packaging machine

Precautions for the use of screw packaging machine

JYT 2022-10-13 16:51:24

Screw accessories are indispensable materials in many manufacturing industries. They are widely used in automobile, lighting, bathroom, furniture and other manufacturing industries. (China perfume capping machine manufacturers)The number of screws in assembly is also very demanding, neither more nor less. At present, many manufacturers Some screw packs will be distributed with the product. When the screw packs are produced, they are manually counted and packed into sealed bags for packaging. The efficiency is very slow, and the workers are easily fatigued. Excessive screws, rust caused by sweat and other problems will be subject to customer complaints and dissatisfaction, so the following editor recommends a screw packaging machine to avoid the above problems:


The automatic counting and packaging machine for hardware bolts and screws produced by our company can count and pack hardware accessories, screws, candies, capsules, etc. Parts counting, bag making, filling, sealing and bag counting are done automatically.

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Precautions for use
1. Before each startup, check and observe whether there is any abnormality around the machine;
2. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden for the body, hands and head to approach or touch the moving parts!
3. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands and tools into the sealing knife seat!
4. When the machine is working normally, it is strictly forbidden to switch the operation buttons frequently, and it is strictly forbidden to frequently change the parameter setting values ​​at will;
5. It is strictly forbidden to run at high speed for a long time;
6. It is forbidden for two or more colleagues to operate various switch buttons and mechanisms of the machine; the power supply should be turned off during maintenance and maintenance; when multiple people debug and repair the machine at the same time, they should pay attention to mutual communication and signal to prevent accidents caused by lack of coordination.