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Is the screw packaging machine easy to operate?

Is the screw packaging machine easy to operate?

2023-01-06 17:13:38

Screw fittings are an indispensable material in many manufacturing industries. They are widely used in automobiles, lighting, bathroom, furniture and other manufacturing industries. (screw counting packing machine manufacturer China)The number of screws is also very demanding when assembling. Some screw packages will be delivered with the product, so when the screw package is produced, in the past, after manual counting, it is put into a sealed bag for packaging. The efficiency is very slow, and the manual labor is prone to fatigue. Screws that have been worn, sweat causing the screws to rust, etc., will be complained and dissatisfied by customers.



The screw packaging machine is suitable for automatic mixing or individual packaging of five materials, such as screws, nuts, flat washers, spring washers, toys, standard parts, etc. After the vibrating plate is automatically counted, the products are filled into the molder for automatic packaging, and can also be used Manually place other materials in the spare space of the equipment for mixed packaging.


The screw packaging machine replaces the cumbersome operations of manual packaging, such as counting, bagging, sealing, labeling, etc., which are some cumbersome operation steps. A fully automatic screw packaging machine can completely free your hands and realize intelligent operation.


Automatic screw packaging machine is much faster than manual packaging, such as screw packaging, manual packaging can only pack about ten packages per minute, while fully automatic screw packaging machine can reach sixty to seventy packages per minute, the speed is several times that of manual packaging.


In addition to screw packaging machines, our company also produces other nut packaging machines(dry fruit packing machine supplier china) with high production capacity and equipped with imported pressure sensing devices to achieve the effect of no cutting and no sealing, saving packaging bags.


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