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What are the measuring devices of packaging machinery?

What are the measuring devices of packaging machinery?

2023-01-03 10:07:59

When quantitatively packaging items, appropriate metering devices must be used according to the different contents.


① Metering device
The volumetric measurement method is based on the basic principle that a certain volume of loose powder particles is a certain quantitative value. (China coffee powder packing machine supplier)Commonly used volume metering devices include measuring cup metering, drum metering, screw metering, chamber metering and other devices.

② Weighing device
Refers to the device that uses weighing instruments to measure packaged items, (screw packing machine supplier china)and it has a wide range of applications. It is commonly used in packaging machinery to quantify the packaging of loose items such as powder, fine particles and irregular small pieces. Weighing scales are weighing devices with precise manufacturing and high measurement accuracy, and are suitable for measuring and packaging high-value items.


③ Continuous weighing
Equal portion interception metering device This device is composed of weighing detection device (electronic scale), electronic adjustment system, item interception device, material supply and its control system, equal portion interception device and other parts. It is suitable for measurement and packaging of loose and bulky items with unstable density, large fluctuations and no regular rules.


④ Packaging measurement of regular-shaped items
Items with regular shapes, such as soap, (2022 new soap cartoning machine wholesales china)candy, books, etc., bring great convenience to packaging measurement due to their good uniformity in shape and value.


⑤ Packaging and metering device for liquid materials
Liquid materials include pure liquid, liquid juice, solution or emulsion, etc. Compared with loose fine powder articles, liquid materials have the characteristics of good fluidity and relatively stable density, and their packaging and measurement are better than loose fine powder articles. easy. Volumetric quantitative methods such as liquid level control positioning method, metering cup quantitative method and quantitative pump quantitative method are often used.