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What are the common problems when buying a granule packaging machine?

What are the common problems when buying a granule packaging machine?

JYT 2022-12-01 17:59:06

Granular packaging machines are still widely used in the food industry, such as granular salt, granular monosodium glutamate, granular peanuts, etc. As long as they are granular foods, they can be filled and sealed by granular packaging machines. The packaging containers are cups, bowls, boxes, barrels, self-supporting nozzle bags, etc., all of which can be filled.

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When purchasing an automatic granule packaging machine, the main considerations are as follows:
1. Packaging bag form. The open bag uses the open bag granule packing scale, and the valve bag uses the granule valve bag packing machine.
2. Material. The material is generally determined according to the corrosiveness of the material, high corrosiveness: all stainless steel, general corrosion: contact material stainless steel, non-corrosive: carbon steel.
3. Particle size. (nuts automatic packing machine china factory)Commonly used particle automatic packaging machines with large particles cannot be used, because large particles will jam the material at the discharge port. Such as potato scales, briquettes scales.
4. Output. The larger the output, the larger and possibly more equipment. It must be determined according to the output whether one unit or several units can meet the requirements. The output we generally want is the hourly output, that is, how many tons per hour or how many packages per hour. Granule packaging machine The granule packaging machine has a Chinese character display on the controller, which is reliable and simple to operate; the photoelectric control system has strong anti-light and electrical interference capabilities; the electronic scale is used for measurement feedback.


To purchase and choose the particulate matter machinery (bolt packing machine factory China)and equipment that is suitable for the packaging of your own products, and select the relative equipment to ensure the accuracy of packaging measurement and verification, you must first determine the variety of products that you will purchase in the packaging machine that can be packaged. When purchasing a packaging machine, a piece of equipment can package itself of all varieties. In fact, the packaging effect of the dedicated machine is usually better than that of the compatible machine. The varieties packaged by a packaging machine should not exceed 3-5 varieties as much as possible.