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Current status of beverage packaging industry

Current status of beverage packaging industry

2022-11-30 16:58:18

Since the end of the last century, all kinds of domestic packaging companies have to spend a huge amount of money to buy some packaging machinery for beverages, dairy products and beer from abroad, and this trend still exists today. (coffee packaging machine china supplier)The introduction of these foreign advanced production equipment can bring China's packaging industry closer to developed countries, promote the development of domestic independent research and development of packaging machines, and increase the output year by year.

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The development trend of beverage packaging machinery and equipment 

1. The filling machine is developing in the direction of high speed, multi-purpose and high precision

At present, many filling production lines in China can carry out hot filling and cold filling of glass bottles, plastic bottles and carbonated drinks, and can produce under different requirements and conditions.(peanut butter filling machine wholesales china) The filling speed can also reach 72000BPH, and the filling time The accuracy can be guaranteed in a very low range, only around ±0.5%.


2. Application of new disinfection and sterilization technology

For most domestic PET bottle production lines, the empty bottle sterilization process of aseptic filling is adopted, and peracetic acid disinfectant is generally used. For the PET aseptic filling process at home and abroad, the most advanced method should be to use gaseous hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the packaging materials. This process is generally called dry sterilization process.