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Features of packaging machinery automation product modules

Features of packaging machinery automation product modules

JYT 2022-12-05 15:01:04

The application of automation technology in the design and manufacturing process of the packaging machinery(nuts packing machine supplier china) industry mainly refers to the research on the design of packaging machinery. First of all, we should start from the characteristics of packaging machinery and apply the integration of electromechanical, optical, and gas technologies to design packaging machinery. The level of automation is improved, the automation of packaging machinery is realized, and the quality and productivity of products are improved.

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In the design process of modern packaging machinery, modular design is one of the more innovative design approaches. The main design concept is to carry out corresponding design according to the division of multiple modules and different functions, and then through different combinations of module design, let the corresponding The design of packaging machinery is functional, complete and systematic.

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The modular design in the design process of the automatic packaging machinery control system can improve the flexibility level of the product. The product is mainly composed of modules that realize their respective functions, and the mechanism of the product is continuously optimized to make the product have better adaptability. The modular design adapts to the needs of various types and small batches of products. To meet the requirements of different customers, the modular design only needs to replace or design the corresponding modules. For the manufacture and production of various types of varieties and small batches of fully functional machines Advantageously, the design cycle is shortened.


The application of advanced processing and manufacturing technology is conducive to the design of modularization. Due to the high level of standardization of some parts, the product has high reliability. In addition, the use of modular design can also mass-produce most of the parts to a certain extent, reducing production costs and improving production efficiency.