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What is the technological performance of the packaging machine?

What is the technological performance of the packaging machine?

JYT 2022-11-18 17:46:47

According to research, my country's packaging machines are more inclined to integrated molding and fully automatic control packaging machines. The packaging machine (chili sauce filling machine wholesale China)needs to combine food classification and screening, food preliminary molding and manufacturing, and food packaging and molding. In some of the processes, it is also necessary to include functions such as sterilization, disinfection and cleaning.

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At present, the main system of food packaging in my country still relies on PLC. The PLC control system is suitable for small batch production of many varieties, and combined with its own control characteristics, it also has high reliability, excellent anti-interference performance, complete supporting facilities, complete functions, strong applicability, and easy to operate. The construction workload of the system itself is less, which is convenient for the overall construction, and the maintenance and improvement are also easier to operate. At the same time, the machine has the advantage of low energy consumption and can effectively save energy, so it has a broad market.


In addition, my country's packaging industry started in the 1980s, (curry powder packing machine manufacturer china)so far the accumulation of industry technology is limited, and the level of technical use of machinery is relatively low. At present, the packaging machinery of many large enterprises will introduce foreign packaging technology as their own development conditions. Moreover, the development of innovative technologies for packaging machines in my country needs to be improved, most of which are based on the transformation of the original packaging machinery functions, and there is still a huge room for development in the research and development of innovative technologies.


my country's packaging equipment can already meet the basic packaging needs, but for this packaging, it is mainly concentrated on small packaging machines, and the self-development ability for large-scale integrated automatic packaging needs to be improved. The self-"hematopoietic" function of the mechanical packaging industry is still in a state of development.


At present, the mainstream of mechanical packaging in the market is private packaging enterprises and financing packaging enterprises. The main enterprise can better cater to the needs of consumers and drive the rapid development of my country's packaging industry.