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Analysis of the status and development prospects of the packaging machinery industry in 2022

Analysis of the status and development prospects of the packaging machinery industry in 2022

JYT 2022-09-28 17:44:20

Fast-moving consumer goods such as food and beverages, electronics, medicine and other highly automated and intelligent subdivisions take digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing as the main driving force, and take the transformation and upgrading of traditional production lines as the main form. needs are increasing. With the rapid industrial upgrading of traditional food, automated brewing, consumer electronics, solid medicine and other fields in recent years, it has further stimulated the overall growth of my country's packaging machinery industry.

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In 2020, the global packaging machinery equipment market size was estimated at USD 41.5 billion, and the market size is expected to reach USD 45.9 billion by 2026. At present, packaging machinery manufacturing is mainly concentrated in the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other countries and regions.


The data shows that from 2015 to 2019, the compound growth rate of global paper packaging machinery production was 4.66%. Although the machinery manufacturing (tea bag packing machine Wholesaler China)capacity of developing countries has increased rapidly in recent years, due to the high requirements of the production of complete sets of paper packaging machinery for CNC systems, mechatronics design, precision parts finishing, steel materials, etc., Italy, Germany, Japan, etc. And a few developed countries still have certain technical advantages in the field of paper packaging machinery production.


In recent years, my country's packaging machinery imports have begun to show negative growth, and the dominant position of the domestic market has been occupied by Chinese enterprises. More and more paper packaging manufacturers have also chosen domestic packaging equipment. Domestic printing and packaging enterprises have become the first to purchase domestic equipment. Market mainstream and inevitable trend.


In recent years, developing countries have experienced rapid economic development, (herbal tea packaging machine factory china)but they still need to import advanced equipment and technologies from other countries to make up for their own manufacturing gaps. Therefore, overseas markets, especially those of developing countries, will have a long time in the future. China will become a huge market for my country's packaging machinery exports. In addition, the labor cost of developed countries such as the United States is getting higher and higher, and the profit of some products imported will be higher than that of their own production. Therefore, the market prospect of packaging machinery exported to developed countries is relatively broad.


Affected by factors such as increasingly fierce market competition in downstream industries, large-scale and intensive production forms, and rising human resource costs, packaging equipment plays an increasingly important role in production and logistics, and is highly automated, efficient, and intelligent. , Energy-saving packaging equipment has been favored by downstream industries, and traditional packaging equipment is gradually integrated with fieldbus technology, transmission control technology, motion control technology, automatic identification technology and safety detection technology, making intelligent packaging equipment emerge as the times require and continue to Improve. Fully automatic, unmanned, and one-piece packaging equipment is a good opportunity for vigorous development at present. Packaging machinery will cooperate with the trend of industrial automation and continuously promote the overall competitiveness of intelligent packaging equipment.