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Common faults and treatment methods of filling machines

Common faults and treatment methods of filling machines

JYT 2022-07-20 18:17:10

With the continuous progress of society and the more and more serious mechanization of the industry, many industries have started intelligent automation operations, and these operations have made production more effective. We all know that many products are now packaged by filling machines(honey spoon filling and sealing machine manufacturers), which saves time and effort, fast packaging, and cost savings.

So how to deal with the failure of the filling machine?

1. The material tank of the filling machine is unstable

(1)(China Liquid Filling Sealing Machine Supplier) Whether the material cylinder is in the center of the material cylinder bracket, if there is any change in the material cylinder, please re-install the position.

(2) Is the cylinder piston and piston rod tight? If they are loose, please lock them.

(3) Whether the O-ring of the cylinder piston is damaged, if it is damaged, please replace it.


2. The piston of the material cylinder of the filling machine does not come back after being pushed to the top
The position of the active magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch, and adjust the active magnetic switch from the beginning.


3. The filling amount of the filling machine (tea bag filling machine manufacturer)is inaccurate or not material
(1) Check whether the valve core of the filling nozzle is stuck or delayed to open. If the opening is delayed, the throttle valve of the thin cylinder needs to be adjusted.
(2) The elastic force of the coil spring is tightened up and down in the quick-installed three-way control valve. If the elastic force is too large, the check valve will not be opened.
​(3) Whether the filling speed is too fast, adjust the filling speed throttle valve and decrease the filling speed.

(4) Whether the speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve are closed, and the throttle valve cannot be closed.

(5) Is there any foreign matter in the quick-installing three-way control valve? If so, please sort it out. Is there air in the quick-installing three-way control valve and the leather tube of the filling head? If there is air, try to reduce or remove the air.