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Daily maintenance of ketchup packaging machine equipment

Daily maintenance of ketchup packaging machine equipment

JYT 2022-08-11 18:08:32

In our daily life, (ketchup filling machine china manufacture)tomato sauce is basically a must-have delicious sauce for every household. It is mainly used for smearing on bread or toast. It is suitable for the packaging of various liquids and sauces such as liquids, sauces, mustards, edible oils, medicinal liquids, creams, sauces, honey, etc.

After the packaging is completed, the circulation and preservation of these jam syrup products are more convenient. For jam syrup packaging equipment, it is impossible for us to keep it working all the time, and the machine also needs to rest. Not only that, the liquid filling machine should also do some daily maintenance work, so how to do the daily maintenance of jam syrup packaging equipment?

Daily maintenance of sauce packaging equipment: When using the jam syrup packaging machine equipment, check the screws of all parts, and there must be no looseness. Otherwise, it will affect the normal remote rotation of the whole machine. Anti-corrosion, anti-rat work.


After a day's work of the jam syrup packaging equipment, check whether there are any parts worn, whether there is any looseness, and whether any data is inaccurate. These data can be recorded in the daily workbook for later reference and better grasp. Equipment operation of jam syrup packaging machine.


If the wearing parts are seriously worn,(chili sauce filling machine wholesale) it can be found and replaced in time, which is also helpful for the service life of the jam syrup packaging machine. Only when the daily maintenance work is in place, can the failure of jam syrup packaging equipment be avoided as much as possible