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Features of powder automatic packaging machine

Features of powder automatic packaging machine

JYT 2022-08-15 17:34:43

The automatic packaging(spice packaging machine cost china) of the powder automatic packaging machine improves the packaging speed and is hygienic. Many packaging manufacturers have conducted market research and introduced new equipment. The fully automatic powder packaging machine developed and manufactured is more automatic in operation, and is in contact with materials Food-grade stainless steel is used to avoid contamination of materials and loss of equipment, which can ensure the quality of product packaging.

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1. The metering and packaging system consists of a horizontal bag-feeding packaging machine and a blanking system.
2. It is convenient and simple to put the bag into the mouth of the bag, and it is equipped with an automatic bag pressing device.
3. Equipped with imported pressure sensing device to achieve the effect of no cutting and no sealing, saving packaging bags.
4. Adopt color touch screen, simple operation and multi-functional design.


The automatic zipper bag powder packaging machine produced by our company is capable of processing all types of heat sealable preformed side seal bags, fin seal bags, gusset bags, bottom bags, ziplock bags, stand-up pouches with or without spouts, etc. In addition, there are also bottled seasoning powder filling machines, (milk powder packing machine china factory)welcome to learn about them.