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How are potato chips packed?

How are potato chips packed?

JYT 2022-08-03 16:51:04

As the food that people eat after dinner and leisure, snack food is a fast-growing consumer goods category in the process of the rapid improvement of residents' living standards and the accelerating pace of life. It has high consumption frequency, wide consumption scenarios, and strong accompanying degree. The characteristics of a wide product spectrum and diverse consumer groups are highly compatible with the consumption upgrade trend of quality, personalization and segmentation. Therefore, the global snack food market has maintained rapid growth.


For example, potato chips are crisp and fragile and need to be measured. How to choose a potato chip packaging machine(China potato chips packing machine manufacturer) for these? Potato chips are flakes, suitable for measurement: electronic scale. Potato chips are crisp and brittle, and may be broken during the cutting process, but the chips are very light and rarely break under the influence of gravity.

Our high-speed automatic weighing plantain potato chip packaging machine produced by Foshan Jiayite Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can well meet the packaging needs of packaging potato chips. It adopts imported servo film feeding system and imported color code sensor to ensure accurate positioning. Overall performance. Superior performance and beautiful packaging. It can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, measuring, filling and sealing, date printing and conveying, and discharging. High measurement accuracy and high efficiency.


In the face of such a hot-selling consumer market and diversified packaging needs, in order to keep up with the market and increase competitiveness, potato chip manufacturers need to use packaging machines to improve packaging efficiency and control packaging quality. Choosing a suitable packaging machine(drip coffee bag packing machine China factory) can help you check the packaging quality, food safety, and seize a larger market for you.