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How is the "tea stick" that leads the new style of tea drinking packaged?

How is the "tea stick" that leads the new style of tea drinking packaged?

JYT 2022-05-07 15:00:36

Judging from the survey of Chinese consumers' preference for tea bags in the first half of 2020, convenience is the main reason for consumers to buy tea bags, with about 55.8% of consumers choosing this option; in addition, 28.9% of consumers The preference for tea bags is mainly because they represent the attitude of young people to life; up to 25% of people choose to buy it because of its exquisite packaging. So what kind of packaging is more popular with consumers?


Tea sticks seem to be gaining more consumer attention—a stick inserted into water and, in seconds, brews a fragrant cup of tea. Changeable flavors, various choices of hot and cold brewing, and novel brewing methods make the visual, taste buds and hand-brewing experience an unprecedented stunning experience.

How are the tea sticks packaged?

After conventional processing, fresh tea leaves are crushed (Crush), teared (Tear) and rolled (Curl) in a special machine to make fine granules. The tea leaves made by this process can quickly precipitate tea juice after contact with hot water, and are more resistant to brewing than ordinary tea leaves.
The silver wrapping paper used to make the tea sticks is a safe food contact material - aluminum foil. The material is produced in strict accordance with EU food contact material standards and is recyclable.
There is a small amount of natural tea powder in the plastic package, which is the raw material in the tea stick, which is a normal phenomenon.


Tea stick packaging is inseparable from the China automatic tea bag packing machine supplier. The fully automatic herbal tea stick packaging machine produced by our company can automatically complete the packaging of tea sticks inside and outside the bag.
1. The machine automatically makes holes, measures, bag making, volume and filling, bag sealing.
2. The PLC control system combined with the touch screen can easily set and change the packaging parameters. View daily production output and self-diagnose machine errors directly from the screen.
3. Equipped with photoelectric sensor to track the color mark designed on the bag material,
Make sure the logo design on each bag is in the same place.
4. 304 stainless steel contact parts and stainless steel housing.
5. Automatic shutdown when the film is broken.
6. Straight line easy tearing and embossing codes as free options.


It means a detailed explanation of the packaging content of tea sticks. Friends in need can contact our automatic tea bag packing machine supplier.