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How to choose a cable tie machine?

How to choose a cable tie machine?

JYT 2022-08-19 18:09:17

Now there are not a few companies that produce automatic cable ties. When choosing, you need to pay special attention, do the relevant preparations, and choose automatic cable ties that really suit the needs of the industry.

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The automatic cable tie machine is a PLC, text control circuit, with good working stability; simple and convenient operation, setting and operation related parameter values ​​can be directly displayed on the LCD screen, clear, intuitive, high degree of automation, good action continuity, fast speed, The tension of the cable tie can be set freely, intelligent automation, just put the wound material into the cable opening, and the foot switch control, the cable binding action can be completed within one second, replacing the manual cable binding, solving the problem. The hand-tying tape brings the troubles of uneven tying, different wire sizes, and slow speed.


Reduce hand damage and reduce human fatigue, this equipment can save more than 30% of labor, significantly improve work efficiency, and solve the problem of labor difficulties.


When choosing an automatic cable tie machine, you should also pay attention to its quality and service life. If you want the automatic cable tie machine to play its automatic and efficient role, quality is the key, and only good quality can bring high-quality work services. If you don't want to replace the automatic strapping machine frequently and increase the cost, then you must choose a product with a long service life.