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How to choose a packaging machine brand?

How to choose a packaging machine brand?

JYT 2022-05-24 16:37:09

The fully automatic liquid packaging machine produced by our company is suitable for liquid products such as soy sauce, chili sauce, honey, ketchup, tartar sauce, liquid butter, juice, milk, mouthwash, shower gel, shampoo and so on. So when manufacturers choose, how to choose the brand of packaging machine?


1. The vacuum pump is the core of the packaging machine

As the core of the packaging machine equipment, the vacuum pump should be carefully selected. Whether it is a large or small vacuum packaging machine pump, the first thing we pay attention to is its price. In addition, pay attention to the vacuum pumping ability of the vacuum pump, which is generally expressed in cubic meters per hour, but it is not the bigger the better, as long as it matches the working speed of the whole machine.​​


2. The quality of purchasing regular manufacturers is guaranteed

The control principle of automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines is to use electrical components to control. Only electronic components from regular manufacturers can ensure durability, reliability and safety, and vulnerable parts are easy to buy. Otherwise, it is easy to age, and problems may occur frequently. The electrical control devices of packaging machines, filling machines and sealing machines produced by regular manufacturers all use world famous brand technology, and the quality is guaranteed and trustworthy.

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3. Brighten your eyes to see the true and false stainless steel material

Generally, regular packaging machine equipment manufacturers choose real stainless steel, such as 304 grade, which is special steel for equipment. Some small manufacturers prefer to use alternatives, and the thickness of the plate is relatively thin. The author recommends 3mm thick steel for products below 600 type, and 4mm thick steel for products above 600 type.​​


4. Choose a powerful packaging machine supplier

Verify the technical capabilities and after-sales service capabilities of packaging machine equipment manufacturers. Generally speaking, you can have a general understanding through telephone communication and patronizing the manufacturer's website (manufacturers who don't even have their own website must not buy it). No product is perfect. Only manufacturers with timely and thoughtful after-sales service will not cause users trouble or trouble. affect production.


The packaging machine brand introduces the application scope of 4 commonly used sealing machines. The daily use of sealing machines is very extensive. In today's high labor cost, sealing packaging machines play a huge role. In addition, Foshan Jiayite Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds you that you must choose a regular packaging machine brand manufacturer when purchasing a sealing machine.