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How to maintain the particle packaging machine

How to maintain the particle packaging machine

JYT 2022-07-27 18:24:49

The purpose of the maintenance of the packaging machine(China sugar packing machine manufacturer) is to ensure the accuracy requirements and normal operation of the packaging machinery and equipment, and also to prolong the service life of the packaging machine. The common maintenance of the packaging machine mainly includes the maintenance of the friction pair and the regular inspection of the connecting parts and fastening parts.


Fault causes and troubleshooting of particle packaging machine

1.No bag pulling (bag pulling motor does not operate)

1. Line fault. Check the circuit and eliminate the fault.

2. The bag pulling proximity switch is damaged. Replace the bag pulling proximity switch.

3. The controller of the particle packaging machine is faulty. Replace the automatic packaging machine controller.

4. Stepper motor driver failure. Replace the stepper motor driver.


2、 Color code positioning and photoelectric tracking compensation are out of control.

1. There are seams and burrs in the packaging materials. Remove unqualified packaging materials(nuts packing machine supplier china).

2. There are sundries in the shaper, resulting in poor paper feeding. Clean the shaper to make the paper feeding unobstructed.

3. The packaging material jumps out of the guide board of the photoelectric switch (electric eye). Insert the packaging material into the guide board.

4. The light spot of the photoelectric switch (electric eye) deviates from the color code. Adjust the left and right positions of the guide board so that the light spot is in the middle of the color code.

5. The sensitivity of photoelectric switch is poor, and the use of light and dark operation is wrong. Replace the photoelectric switch and correctly select the day and night switch


3、 The heat seal body does not rise in temperature, and the temperature of the heat seal body is out of control.

1. The heating pipe is damaged. Replace the heating pipe.

2. Line fault. Check the wiring.

3. The safety tube is broken. Replace the fuse tube.

4. The temperature regulator is damaged. Replace the temperature regulator.

5. Thermocouple is open circuit. Replace the thermocouple.