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How to solve the problem of warping and folding bubbles in the automatic labeling machine

How to solve the problem of warping and folding bubbles in the automatic labeling machine

JYT 2022-04-22 15:50:33

The editor of Jiayite believes that in order to achieve a better labeling effect in the labeling process, the automatic labeling machine must first avoid the phenomenon of label warping during the labeling process. In actual operation, every manufacturer may encounter the phenomenon of mark warping. There are several ways to solve this problem.


Four suggestions for solving the problem of label warping on automatic labeling machines:

Suggestion 1: Increase the viscosity of the label and try to make the label sticky. To do this, we need to consider the following aspects:

1. Improve the surface quality of the sticking hose. Most products have varnish on the surface, which can make labeling difficult. Leakage of contents, micro-holes in the tube wall, etc. can cause the label to slant upwards. How to avoid these problems should be a serious question to consider.

2. The labeling machine controls the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process

3. Control the temperature during the labeling process, increasing the labeling temperature will improve the labeling effect, because as the temperature increases, the activity of the substance inside the object will increase, and the label will be easier to integrate with the tube.


Suggestion 2: Try making labels with soft label material. Good label extensibility will also greatly improve label warpage.


Suggestion 3: Change the label shape:

Make the bottom end of the label curved or scalloped (depending on the product) and try to avoid the deformed area at the end of the opening. Of course, the circle cannot be opened too deep, otherwise it is easy to cause wrinkles due to the problem of the label itself, adding unnecessary trouble. For special-shaped end caps, the shape of the label needs to be changed accordingly, which can not only avoid warping of the label pasted by the labeling machine, but also increase the aesthetics.


Recommendation 4: Eliminate the effects of static electricity:

The automatic labeling machine is prone to generate static electricity during the labeling process, which affects the effect of the labeling machine. Appropriately increasing the humidity of the labeling machine site will improve to a certain extent. Using an ion fan is also an effective solution. The labeling machine is equipped with automatic humidity control, which can individually control the cleanliness of the equipment, keep the labeling machine away from dust, and improve the labeling quality of the product, so that there will be no sign warping during the labeling process, so as to achieve visual effects.