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Is honey with bubbles real honey?

Is honey with bubbles real honey?

JYT 2022-05-11 15:56:26

Some consumers find that there are bubbles in the honey after buying honey, and they are not quite sure what is going on. They suspect that there is a problem with the quality of the honey. Is the honey with bubbles real?


The bubbles in the honey are actually caused by the active enzymes in the honey. The high-activity and high-quality honey is rich in active enzymes. After taking out the honey, after filling, long-distance transportation, and constant shaking, the active enzymes in the honey will continue to move. Precipitation produces small bubbles. The various active enzymes contained in honey can promote the normal life activities of the body. Another situation is that there is a thick layer of bubbles in the honey, accompanied by a sour taste. This situation is honey Fermentation, when the moisture in honey exceeds 21%, it provides conditions for the survival of yeast, and honey is easily fermented and deteriorated. Such honey is not recommended for continued consumption.


The authenticity of honey cannot be accurately judged by whether there are bubbles in the honey, and the best way to judge the authenticity of honey is to conduct component analysis through scientific and technical testing, and use data results to prove the authenticity of honey. False honey is generally It is made of plant syrup and essence, which has no effect on health. Long-term consumption may also cause obesity. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy high-quality active honey that has passed the test.


So honey is so popular, how to package it so that you can drink a spoonful of honey every day conveniently and quickly? Here we will mention a portable honey spoon, including a handle and a spoon body for holding honey, the spoon body has an opening, the opening of the spoon body is sealed and covered with a sealing film, and the end of the sealing film away from the spoon handle is provided with a tearing tab .

How are the tear-off pieces of the convenient honey spoon packaged? Here we recommend a honey spoon machine filling China factory. The honey spoon filling machine produced by this manufacturer is suitable for filling liquids, sauces, soups, ketchup, chili oil, cream, chili sauce, honey, plum sauce, barbecue. Liquids and sauces such as juice are filled into spoons, other shaped containers.


Product advantages
1. The most functional small automaton, taking up little space.
2. Touch intelligent operation panel, PLC control system.
3. Independent temperature control system sealing film.
4. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which is firm and smooth, and will never fade.
5. Automatic continuous output of finished products


The operation of this product is also very simple. You only need to prepare in advance the film roll for the machine to make the package, the product to be packaged, the electrical environment and the air compressor, and the space for placing and operating the machine, and the packaging and sealing can be completed automatically,Contact us if necessary.