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Operation process of automatic granule packaging machine

Operation process of automatic granule packaging machine

JYT 2022-05-19 17:55:23

The automatic packaging machine has a series of functions such as automatic weighing and counting, automatic bag making, automatic bagging, automatic hemming and sewing, and finished product conveying. The automatic packaging machine adopts high-precision and high-reliability mechanical system, PLC program control, and advanced touch-type human-machine interface, which makes the operation of the whole machine simpler and more complete. This equipment can be widely used in various industries for the packaging of granules and mixed materials, enabling customers to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and reduce labor costs.

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 Operation process
(1) Under the automatic granule packaging machine, install the packaging material between the two paper blocking wheels, and place it in the groove of the paper support arm board of the automatic granule      packaging machine. The paper blocking wheel should clamp the core of the loaded material. , align the packaging material with the bag maker, then tighten the knob on the blocking sleeve, and ensure that the    printed side faces forward or the composite side (ie, the polyethylene side) faces back. After the machine is turned on, adjust the axial position of the packaging material on the paper roll according to the feeding situation to ensure normal paper feeding.
(2) Set the temperature, according to the packaging material used, set the heat sealing temperature on the temperature controller of the electric control box.
(3) Adjustment of bag length Put the packaging material on and insert it into the bag maker according to the relevant regulations, clamp it between two rollers, turn the roller, and pull the packaging material below the cutter. After reaching the set temperature for 2 minutes, turn on the start switch , Loosen the lock nut of the bag length adjusting screw, adjust the hand button of the bag length controller, turn clockwise to  shorten the bag length, and vice versa. After reaching the required bag length, tighten the nut.
(4) Before starting the granule packaging machine, check whether the specifications of the former and the bag maker meet the requirements.
(5) Turn on the main power switch of the granule packaging machine, press down the clutch handle to separate the metering mechanism from the main drive, turn on the start switch, and the machine runs idly. In general, only a particle packaging machine suitable for oneself can be regarded as a high-quality particle packaging machine. Otherwise, even if it has good performance, we will not be able to use it up, and it will cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise.