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What are the commonly used feeding devices for packaging machinery?

What are the commonly used feeding devices for packaging machinery?

JYT 2022-09-26 18:04:44

During the packaging process, the contents are first sent to the silo of the machine, and then, with the help of the feeding device, the contents are sent to the metering device for counting to complete the packaging. (China Yogurt Filling Machine Manufacturers)The feeding methods of articles include heavy type, vibration conveying type, belt conveying type, chain conveying type, screw conveying type, pumping type, runner and raceway conveying type, etc.

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①The moving feeding device is a simple feeding method. The contents located in the upper silo of the packaging machine can flow to the lower position under the action of gravity. During the flow process, blockages such as arching and bridging should be prevented.

②Vibration conveying feeding device This kind of device uses a vibrating conveyor as a feeding device for the contents. It uses vibration technology to convey the contents of loose particles in medium and short distances. (China round cake packing machine factory)The advantage of this device is that it consumes less energy, can send high-temperature materials, and can carry out various operations of sorting, cooling, cooling or drying of the contents at the same time, and can prevent dust flying and debris mixing; the disadvantage is that the vibration and noise are large, Delivery is limited.

③The belt conveying and feeding device is a kind of widely used continuous conveyor, which is used to convey bulk articles, bulk articles and finished articles. Or combined conveyors in parallel, etc.

④The liquid and viscous material conveying device uses a pipeline system composed of pumps, pipes and valves to transport various liquid or viscous materials. The liquid material is pumped and pressurized from the storage tank, transported to the storage box of the packaging machine along the conveying pipeline system, and then injected into the packaging container.