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What is a bottle capping machine?

What is a bottle capping machine?

JYT 2022-10-26 18:14:23

Capping machines for automatic capping machines for the food and beverage industry, glass and metal containers. It is suitable for a variety of hat types, including dropper caps, chubby gorilla caps, unicorn caps, tamper-proof caps, push-pull caps, sports caps, and more. Good sealing and fast capping are its advantages.

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A capping machine is a machine that tightens or secures the lid of a container. Every company that packs products into bottles, containers, or jars needs a way to close the container, and the most common closure is the lid.


The capping wheel of the automatic capping machine adopts imported super wear-resistant nylon material, which is durable, non-wearing and non-deforming; the in-line orbital capping working mode is fast and does not damage the bottle and bottle cap;(China Self Adhesive Labeling Machine Supplier) the three sets of capping wheels are designed to The high-to-low step type ensures that the screw cap and the bottle mouth thread are twisted in different horizontal positions, which plays the role of screw cap and ensures that each screw cap and bottle are locked in place; mainly suitable for plastic screw caps and pump head caps.

The whole process includes: bottle feeding, bottle clamping, capping and other main steps; frequency conversion speed control is used to control bottle feeding and capping, which can be adjusted according to production needs, so that the conveying capping speed is stable and the capping effect is guaranteed.