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Why is the potato chip packaging machine popular?

Why is the potato chip packaging machine popular?

JYT 2022-10-31 18:05:20

Potato chip packaging machine is also a kind of food packaging machine. The potato chip packaging machine produced by our company can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, measuring, filling and sealing, date printing and conveying, and discharging. High measurement accuracy and high efficiency. It is suitable for customers who have high requirements on precision performance, a wide range of materials, and no special packaging requirements. Beautifully packaged with a firm seal.

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The potato chip packaging machine has a strong core technology, and multiple intelligent equipment go hand in hand. The production line uses imported servo film feeding system and imported color mark sensor to ensure accurate positioning and complete machine performance. It is equipped with PLC full computer control system and color touch screen, which is easy to operate, intuitive and efficient. The sorting and packaging of potato chips is realized. High speed and high efficiency.


In the past, with regard to labor, even an automated production line required at least six people, excluding chips and packaging. If the chip requires manual labor, (China automatic pill packing machine supplier)about 10 people are needed for one category alone. Labor costs are so high now. Not only is the efficiency low, but the equipment cost is also high, making it impossible to achieve automated production. And Jiayite's high-speed automatic weighing plantain potato chip packaging machine, how can the sorting speed be so good? Average Max.80 bags/min per machine (depending on product and weight). The filling range is 150~1500ml.


Green packaging, more hygienic and healthy. This production line effectively replaces manual sorting and packaging, making food packaging more hygienic and healthy. Its intelligent and automated production method improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and brings actual economic benefits to enterprises. At the same time, its green packaging avoids the possibility of secondary pollution and brings a good ecological environment. benefit.