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Will bread packaging leak air?

Will bread packaging leak air?

JYT 2022-11-15 18:01:22

Green health is taking the world by storm these days, and people have begun to practice their support for the concept in various ways. Green development has become a social fashion. (hardware counting packing machine price china)As a packaging machinery industry that has always advocated saving, it cannot miss this opportunity. It began to add green environmental protection elements to various equipment, and bread inflatable packaging machine is one of the more successful ones. It also plays a huge role in the sustainable development of society.

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The bread packaging machine produced by our company belongs to the film flow packaging machine and belongs to the field of food processing machinery, (China bread twist tie machine Manufacturers)including the frame, winding roller, control box and conveyor belt. The feeding mechanism is groove-shaped, and the feeding mechanism is equipped with a conveying motor. , the conveying motor is connected with the feed conveyor belt through the reel, the wrapping film winding roller and the pressing winding roller are fixed on the frame, the power winding roller is connected with the servo motor, the frame is fixed above the base, and the frame is equipped with a touch screen and buttons. The discharge mechanism is groove-shaped, and the discharge mechanism is provided with a discharge conveyor belt, and the horizontal heat-sealing device and the longitudinal heat-sealing device are fixed in the frame. The packing speed can reach 40-230 bags/min.


It is a green machine that can effectively pack bread, and the packaging will not be mixed with harmful substances and will not leak water. Customers can rest assured that the bread inflatable packaging machine can effectively guarantee the personal health of consumers, so it can be eaten. In the case of long-term use, the packaging efficiency and economic benefits can be greatly improved.