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Are Capsule Coffee Machines an IQ Tax?

Are Capsule Coffee Machines an IQ Tax?

JYT 2022-03-05 15:25:00

Capsule coffee machines are an upgrade from what used to be "coffee pods" (aka, easy-care pods).


Coffee pods used to be the easiest and most convenient way to make coffee. There are dedicated machines, which can also be used for moka pots through converters, or semi-automatic espresso machines.


Moka pots were once the most popular in almost all households in Italy, the main reason being the simplicity of operation. Compared to the moka pot, the coffee made from the coffee pods may be slightly better. So once in Italy, especially the Italian overseas institutions are almost standard.

Later, capsule coffee was invented, and its production effect is much better than that of coffee pods. Therefore, coffee pods were quickly replaced by capsule coffee, which became a regular coffee-making tool for Italian offices abroad, perhaps including some families.


Although it is true that capsule coffee cannot be comparable to coffee made by professional machines, under the premise of simplicity and convenience, this is the best choice.

 coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

When it comes to IQ tax, this really isn't an IQ tax. At least not at Nestlé's price level. Excessive prices are another consideration. However, in addition to espresso, other coffees can be difficult to say. That might really be an IQ tax. With China's current understanding of coffee, it is not surprising to launch various coffee capsules.


Since domestic customers are exposed to espresso and drip coffee almost at the same time, it is easier to accept espresso. Much less interest in drip coffee. So more people prefer espresso. But due to the high price of espresso-making tools and high technical requirements for operation, the price of fully automatic coffee machines is usually high. In contrast, capsule coffee has become the preferred choice for some people.


This is not an IQ tax, it is the most suitable choice for some people.


Of course, one of the reasons is that the coffee in the cafe is not very good, so people don't feel the goodness of the coffee made by professional machines. Otherwise, there would not be so many people keen on capsule coffee machines.