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How to identify a good ketchup packaging machine?

How to identify a good ketchup packaging machine?

JYT 2022-03-28 17:07:19

With the continuous development of various industries, more and more packaging technologies are involved, and the packaging technology continues to improve and develop to an increasing degree. From the food industry, everyone has more and more demand for sauce packaging, among which tomato sauce packaging is demanding. It is also increasing, so enterprises are also getting higher and higher requirements for ketchup packaging machines. How to choose a suitable ketchup packaging machine?

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The parts on the ketchup packaging machine that are in contact with the materials and the packaging bags are all processed with materials that meet the food hygiene requirements to ensure that the ketchup produced meets the hygiene and safety of the relevant food. The types of packaging bags produced must be self-supporting bags, flat bags, paper bags and other composite bags to meet the various needs of enterprises. The ketchup packaging machine conforms to the national quality standard.


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