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Small dried fruit, big business opportunities, vacuum packaging machine helps to double the sales of dried fruit!

Small dried fruit, big business opportunities, vacuum packaging machine helps to double the sales of dried fruit!

JYT 2022-03-16 15:14:07

When it comes to the name of snack, it is a kind of snack food very popular with consumers. With the continuous change of snack packaging, some pocket snacks have become the favorite of modern consumers. I believe everyone has eaten dried fruit. Of course, dried fruit is not limited to dried fruit, but also includes nuts. In the eyes of modern consumers, healthy snacks are the premise of purchase, Dried fruit belongs to this category.I believe many people have read reports that nuts will produce some substances that are not conducive to people's health if they are not stored properly. The nuts packaged by vacuum packaging machine can avoid this kind of phenomenon, and the dried fruits packaged by vacuum packaging machine can make consumers feel more at ease. In this packaging change, what links has the small dried fruit gone through, and how does the vacuum packaging machine double the sales of dried fruit? Let's take a closer look.


When packaging dried fruit, we should first judge the type of dried fruit, such as dried fruit products. At present, the types of dried fruit include preserved fruit, freeze-dried fruit, etc. When packaging these two kinds of dried fruits, they need to be treated differently. Preserved fruits can be packaged in direct vacuum. For example, dried mango and sweet potato products adopt this packaging method. For freeze-dried fruit products, such as freeze-dried strawberries and freeze-dried banana slices, they are crisp products. If vacuum packaging is directly adopted, it is obviously inappropriate. For such products, three-dimensional bags are generally used for direct sealing packaging.

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For example, dried fruits, such as walnut kernel, Padan wood and sunflower seeds, are usually packaged in two ways in the market, one is directly sealed packaging, the other is vacuum packaging. At first, the packaging of dried fruit food was directly sealed and bagged. However, as consumers pay more attention to food problems, some businesses will use vacuum packaging to package dried fruit food, which can not only avoid the generation of food from various harmful substances, but also prolong the shelf life of dried fruit, This is a best of both worlds choice for food merchants and consumers, and consumers are more willing to pay for their own health and choose dried fruits with more guaranteed vacuum packaging. This is also the main reason why changing a packaging method can drive sales.


Modern nutritionists suggest that we eat less and eat more, which is also a statement that is more conducive to people's health. For example, some pocket snacks in small bags are constantly launching various new products to seize the opportunity because they like this market. As the main packaging equipment in food packaging, vacuum packaging machine is growing with the development of food industry, There will also be rapid development, and all kinds of new packaging technologies, our technicians are also working on research and development. We believe that in the future food packaging market, more products with new packaging technologies will be introduced to the market. Let's wait and see!