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What are the benefits of tea packaging boxes?

What are the benefits of tea packaging boxes?

JYT 2022-03-24 15:05:35

In today's era, it can be said that etiquette is very important. Whether it's visiting family and friends, or having guests come to visit. It is essential to sit and drink tea and chat. Therefore, for very noble tea, of course, there must be high-end tea packaging box decoration to present a variety of pleasing styles. So, I don't know what are the benefits of this tea packaging box. Let's have a look with our Jiayite editor.

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1. Moisture proof
The use of tea bags can better prevent the tea from getting wet, and the tea will absorb water, which will affect the shelf life of the tea. Dried tea can be stored for a longer period of time, and wet tea will deteriorate the tea. Good moisture proof.
2. Anti-oxidation
Tea is like fruit, and it will oxidize when exposed to the air. Using tea packaging bags, just vacuum packaging can better isolate the air and block the possibility of oxidative deterioration of tea leaves.
3. Anti-smell
Many people choose to use tea leaves to absorb odors after decoration. Therefore, tea leaves are easily affected by other flavors and destroy the original flavor. The use of tea packaging bags can maximize the protection of tea leaves and prevent tea from absorbing other odors. Keep the most natural taste.


There are some tea boxes in shopping malls now, and plastic tea boxes are also being made, and the price and cost are slightly higher than paper tea boxes. It is some wood to customize exquisite tea boxes according to customer needs, making tea products more eye-catching. A good tea wooden box can increase the value of tea, and tea wooden boxes are currently the mainstream form of tea packaging boxes.