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What to consider when buying a coffee packaging machine

What to consider when buying a coffee packaging machine

JYT 2022-04-06 16:07:41

For the packaging type of coffee, we have seen many types of bags in the market, including large bags, gusseted bags, and stand-up bags, so how to choose the packaging method of coffee? This It must be decided according to the user's own needs. The following is a brief introduction to these packaging methods.


When packaging coffee, there are three factors to consider.


First. Types of coffee packaging bags

1. Big bag/bar bag coffee back-sealed big bag packaging product This kind of big bag/bar bag type coffee can be packed by Yongshengfeng coffee powder packaging machine. This coffee powder packaging machine is our company's target This machine is mainly composed of screw material hoist, screw metering machine and main machine of packaging machine. The main work flow: The staff pours the material into the material box, and the powder is transported to the screw metering machine through the screw elevator for material measurement. After measuring the gram weight of each bag, the material is unloaded into the bag, and then sealed and molded for output. .

2. Gusseted bagged coffee Gusseted bagged coffee products Gusseted bagged coffee can be packaged by a gusseted bag coffee packaging machine. This gusseted bag coffee packaging machine is similar to a large bag of coffee powder packaging machine. It is composed of three major components: screw material elevator, screw metering machine and main machine of packaging machine. The only difference is that this coffee packaging machine has a different bag maker and sealer. The previous bag maker was a cylinder type. The bag maker of this packaging machine is square, so it can achieve a four-sided hot shape. In addition, a gusset device is added to the left and right sides of the seal. The cooperation of these two devices can realize both the four-sided soup and the gusseted type.

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3. Stand up bagged coffee

Stand-up bagged coffee, also known as prefabricated bags, can be packaged with an automatic coffee packaging machine. The coffee automatic packaging machine is a bag-feeding powder packaging machine used to package bagged coffee powder. This machine is specially used for packaging the market. The more common stand-up pouch type and stand-up pouch type of bagged coffee powder are packaged in the following processes: loading, measuring, unloading, sealing, and output. The staff only needs to pour the coffee powder into the storage hopper, and then transport the powder to the screw metering machine through the electric screw of the screw elevator. Inside the bag, heat sealing is performed, and the finished product is output.


Second, the convenience factor of coffee packaging

Convenience is a factor that must be considered when choosing a packaging method, especially in the modern fast-moving society. Consumers value their time, so convenience packaging has become all the buzz in the coffee market.
A. Zipper. This means that consumers can reuse the product after opening it. Re-opening the zipper can effectively prevent aging.
B. Clear labels. Visualize the date, origin, how it was eaten, and a great story about coffee in clear language.
C. Packaging size. Brand loyalty is lower than ever among modern consumers, who want to buy a smaller, trial-sized coffee pod because it's easier to carry.


Third, the coffee packaging process

Currently, most modern coffee packaging machines are not limited by multiple bag styles and sizes. It is flexible and easy to adjust. Fill weight is no longer an annoyance for automatic packaging machines, which can operate with high precision. Improving the packaging speed of production and improving packaging efficiency are the development goals of all production enterprises. The selection of high-quality packaging machines is also a process that must be experienced in the development of production enterprises. Foshan Jiayite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional and reliable filling machine, rotary Manufacturer of capping machines, labelling machines, pouch packaging machines. After years of experience and development, we have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, and some products have passed CE certification. For more information, please call for details!