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Fully automatic snus powder packing machine lineFully automatic snus powder packing machine lineFully automatic snus powder packing machine lineFully automatic snus powder packing machine lineFully automatic snus powder packing machine lineFully automatic snus powder packing machine line

Fully automatic snus powder packing machine line

  • It is suitable for packing snus powder, moisture and dry snus tobacco.



Product sample

Product Description
Automatic suns packing plant requires you to only feed the cans,caps with tobacco, white snus,CBD,nicotine powder etc. The entire packing line is operated with the help of the following components.

The Snus packing line begins at the cap sorting unit, and it is designed to feed the caps along with a vertical layout. These caps are then transferred to the cap conveyor, which is connected to the Snus packing machine.

The snus packaging machine inserts the tobacco snus,white nicotine powder, CBD inside pouches according to the weight settings,and these pouches are packed inside cans.

An indexing table is used to input a defined number of pouches within each can. After the can is illed with pouches, the conveyor belt transfers it to the cap closing unit, where all the cans from multiple Snus packing machines are capped. Thus this section equals to a setup of automatic pouch packaging machines.

Next, they are sent to the labelling machines, which wrap the sealed cans with your brand labels, dates, and other information. Thus, at the end of the packaging line, you will get the finished product that is ready to be shipped.

Product specification

Packing Material filter paper for snus.
Filling range 1,2,3G
filter paper bag Size L:35~145mm , W:15-80mm
Accuracy  :≦±0.1g/bag
Packing speed 30-40bags/min
Motor Power  220V,60 HZ,1.5KW
Machine Size 600*790*1780mm
Machine Weight 400KG

Combination product

Unscramble bottle machine
Suitable for round bottles, square bottles of automatic bottles, automatic transmission, compatible with plastic bottles and glass bottles Such as connected to the labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine conveyor belt, automatic bottle feeding, improve efficiency. It can be applied to the middle connection of the assembly line as a buffer platform to shorten the length of the conveyor belt.

Cover lifting machine
Using the chain conveying principle, the lid is conveyed to the pressure cap, avoiding contamination in the conveying process.
The equipment can change the corresponding parts according to different specifications of the bottle, in order to meet the delivery requirements.

Screw cap machine
Compact and reasonable structure, strong versatility, wide range of capping, wide range of use.Stable operation, low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency.
Screw cap tightly, with pressure cap device, silicone wheel, no damage to the cover.
Safe positioning device, efficient operation,Simple control panel, lock cover time, times and interval time can be adjusted.

Double-sided labeling machine
The mechanical structure is designed in miniature, occupies less space, and the equipment is easily moved and placed in the assembly line.
Adopting product-oriented gap eliminating mechanism and label anti-deviation mechanism, the accuracy of labeling calibration position is up to ± 1 mm.

You can pay by 100% T/T, Ali-pay, 70% L/C at sight would be available for qualified bank.

It can be shipped by terms of Ex-work, FCA,FOB,CNF,CIF by sea or by air DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS etc,based on the buyer's forwarder or ours.

Q1.Are you a manufacturer?
A1: Yes, we are an experienced manufacturer with our own brand and production lines.
Q2.How about quality of products?
A2: Our technicians and QC teams test the products one by one using aging line, professional devices and instruments to ensure the quality for all products.
Q3.How about price?
A3: We are a manufacturer and always offer our customers the most competitive prices.
Q4.How to place an order?
A4: Contact with online service, or sent email to us directly, we will reply to you with product price, specifications, packing etc. soon. Thank you.
Q5.May I send samples to you testing? 
A5: Yes! You are welcome to send us your products to test by our machine.
Q6.Can I visit your factory?
A6: Yes, welcome to visit our factory at your convenient time.

Q7:What maintenance does the machine need?
A7:Naturally, to avoid machine problems, it is necessary to clean the machinery at the end of the production cycle.

Q8: How long does it take to change a film bobbon?
A8: The first times, when you are not already accomplished with the machine, it can take 5 or 6 minutes to change the film bobbin. After, when you have learned how to do it, it takes 1 and a half minute. 

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