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Features and scope of use of screw packaging machine

Features and scope of use of screw packaging machine

JYT 2022-11-04 18:03:29


1. (screw counting packing machine manufacturer China)The screw and nut packaging machine has a vibrating plate, a linear slide arrangement and a precise counting and control device tailored for screw samples to ensure that each bag is accurate!

2. Unloading counting method: vibrating plate discharge, mechanical positioning, photoelectric eye counting.

3. Control mode: PLC control + touch screen display.

Scope of application:

Fastener industry (screws, nuts, screws, gaskets, etc.), hardware industry (decoration hardware, architectural hardware, various small hardware, etc.),


Electrical industry (electrical accessories, electrical installation parts package, electrical accessories package, etc.), plastic and rubber industry (cloth wardrobe plastic parts, mahjong machine accessories, etc.) electronic industry (various electronic devices, accessories, accessories),


Vehicle industry (automobiles, bicycles, electric vehicles, baby carriage accessories), bathroom cabinet industry, furniture industry, solar energy industry and other related industries.


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