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How are drug tablets made?

How are drug tablets made?

JYT 2022-07-14 16:53:28

There are generally two methods for industrial production, direct compression (direct tableting of the powder with the drug and excipients) and granulation and tableting (first the drug and excipients are made into granules and then tableted). The granulation and tableting method is divided into wet granulation and tableting and dry granulation and tableting according to whether or not to add binders and wetting agents to it.


Taking wet granulation and tableting as an example, let's talk about how to make tablets. When it is worthwhile, the main drug and the auxiliary materials will be crushed and sieved separately, and then mixed together. At this time, the binder and wetting agent should be added. Next, it can be granulated. After granulation, it needs to be dried. After drying, the granules are granulated and mixed, and then the lubricant can be added to form tablets. Disintegrants are also added to the vast majority of drug production. The addition of disintegrants depends on the nature of the drug and the time of addition is different.


In fact, there are not many active ingredients in the drug. The addition of excipients is only to make it better absorbed, stored, and the selected excipients are strictly limited. If the drug is too dry to be pressed into tablets, a binder must be added, and if it is not absorbed well in the body, a disintegrant must be added.

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