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How do effervescent tablets fit into the bobbin?

How do effervescent tablets fit into the bobbin?

JYT 2022-09-15 18:07:56

We all know that in daily life, we will see some bobbins, which may contain pieces of candy, pills, milk tablets and the like. Then the bobbin is relatively small, how can it be neat and fast to complete the tube loading operation?


Today, I would like to introduce a new product of our company: automatic vitamin C effervescent tablet plastic tube filling machine. This machine is very powerful and can automatically complete the plastic tube filling work, which can reach an average of 20-40 tubes/min. A can of about 8-30 pieces. This speed is very efficient, and for some tablet manufacturers, it can greatly improve the efficiency. Shipped early.

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So what are the characteristics of this package? Let's take a look.

1. Bottle cap vibration system: manually load the bottle caps into the hopper, and the vibration system automatically discharges the bottle caps to the rack and plugs.

2. Tablet feeding system: manually put the tablets into the hopper, vibrate and automatically send the tablets into the channel for packaging preparation.

3. Pipe feeding device: manually put the pipe into the hopper, and the shaking system will automatically send the pipe to the frame. Tube orientation should be checked manually before placing in the hopper.

4. Cap push device: When the test tube gets the tablet, the cap push system automatically pushes the cap and closes the tube, no drug, no cap, no test tube, no cap.(Coffee capsule filling machine supplier China)

5. Electric control part: The machine is controlled by PLC, cylinder and stepping motor. With automatic multi-function alarm system.