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Features of carton packaging machine

Features of carton packaging machine

JYT 2022-09-13 17:27:45

Cartons are traditional packaging supplies and occupy an important position in paper packaging. Nowadays, the functionality of cartons is advancing by leaps and bounds, and they are widely used in different industries such as digital products, cosmetics, knitwear, food, toys, daily necessities, and medicine.

China bottle cartoning machine manufacturers

With the increasing application of carton boxes, carton packaging machines are also produced. The birth of the carton packaging machine has improved the productivity of the product. The average carton packaging machine produced by our company is 1200-3000 per hour, which greatly saves labor costs and brings higher benefits to the enterprise.


So what are the specific characteristics of the carton packaging machine? Let's take a look

1. The intelligent PLC automatic control system can automatically complete a series of processes such as unpacking, packing and sealing.
2. The photoelectric system monitors all machine parts, and if there is a failure during the operation, the machine will automatically stop.
3. Automatically detect and remove out-of-stock boxes to reduce material waste.
4. Equipped with safety shield to provide safe operation for the operator.
5. Stable performance, touch screen setting parameters, simple and convenient operation.
6. Vertical design, small footprint, easy to detect and maintain.

The above is a detailed introduction to our carton packaging machine, friends in need can contact us.(China automatic pill packing machine supplier