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How is protein powder produced in cans?

How is protein powder produced in cans?

JYT 2022-10-24 17:55:02

Powder filling machine refers to the installation of a high-precision dynamic electronic scale on each filling station, and quantitative filling is realized by measuring the weight of the electronic scale. (coffee powder filling machine wholesales china)This filling method has the advantages of all flowmeter-type filling machines, and has a wide range of applications, not only for materials with different viscosities, but also for powders, such as glucose, condiments, medicines, etc.

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The automatic powder filling line includes: horizontal bottle unscrambler → automatic feeding machine → single-head powder filling machine → capping machine → capping machine (or can sealing machine) → inkjet printer → weighing detection equipment → electromagnetic induction Aluminum foil sealing machine → labeling machine, the assembly line configuration can be selected according to the requirements of the product.


The screw metering used by the powder filling machine can be designed for single screw or twin screw filling according to the customer's output requirements. The whole machine includes transmission parts, screw filling parts, plugging parts, plugging and capping parts, etc. The whole machine has compact structure, reasonable design, stable operation and long service life. It can be produced on a stand-alone machine, or can be combined with bottle washing machines, dryers and other equipment to form a linked production line. It meets GMP requirements and is a rare good equipment.


The automatic filling and sealing machine for milk powder cans produced by our company: It is specially designed for measuring, filling and sealing of cans. It is suitable for filling various powder and granular products into bottles/cans, such as milk powder, Chinese/western medicine powder, food powder, chemical powder, etc. Friends in need please contact us!