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How to debug the labeling machine? Labeling machine debugging steps

How to debug the labeling machine? Labeling machine debugging steps

JYT 2022-04-20 16:46:02

With the continuous development of society, the demand for products in various industries is increasing, which also promotes the continuous reform of mechanized management trend. Now labeling is also equipped with professional equipment, but such equipment must be operated according to the process. It has a very important influence on whether employees understand the labeling machine, so what methods need to be mastered during the operation and debugging of the automatic labeling machine?

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How to debug the automatic labeling machine:

First. Loosen the fixing screws

Adjust the screws on the roll tray. First remove the plexiglass tray, and then adjust the area of ​​the rear tray so that the area of ​​the rear tray can meet the position of the paper tray and ensure that it is on the center line of the paper tape. Tighten the screws, install the paper tray and the plexiglass front tray, and then fix the screws. After fixing, turn the roll paper tray to check whether it is flexible. If you find that the tray is not flexible, you can also Adjust accordingly to make it a little more flexible.

Second, the labeling tape

Before we wear the labeling tape, we should check the equipment rollers of the labeling tape to check whether all the rollers are flexible enough. If we find that there are rollers that are not flexible enough, we must adjust them to be flexible before continuing. operate. In addition, the method of wearing the tape of the automatic labeling machine should pay special attention to the effective operation of the sticker through the sensor to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.​​

Three, try paste operation

After the equipment is fully adjusted, we need to conduct trial paste debugging. You can first place the bottle on the conveyor belt, then adjust the bottle bar, and then adjust the distance, etc., and then press the motor switch.​​


When the automatic labeling machine is started, we can use several bottles for labeling experiments. If the labeling effect can meet our requirements, then we can start the labeling process of the product system.