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Teach you how to choose a labeling machine correctly

Teach you how to choose a labeling machine correctly

JYT 2022-04-19 16:29:05

Our country has vast land and abundant resources, and the achievements in the comprehensive national economy and economy are eye-catching. Now our economy is in continuous development. As the largest manufacturing kingdom, what are China's requirements for the packaging in the later stage of production and manufactured products? Are there any deficiencies in my country's packaging machinery industry?


There are reliability problems in the packaging machinery industry. The manufacturers of packaging machines do not pay much attention to product quality. Some of their processing parts are not accurate enough, some are of poor material, the deviation of packaging and labeling products is large, the rate of rejects is high, and the protection of products is in place, etc. , These are the drawbacks that my country's packaging machinery has not yet matured and perfected.

(China automatic round bottle labeling machine factory)

The labeling machine, as one of the packaging machinery, after decades of evolution and improvement, has made great progress in labeling accuracy, labeling speed, stability and safety performance, and has become the leading technology in the packaging industry. necessity. At present, many labeling machines on the market are mixed together. What kind of labeling machine should I buy? What brand of labeling machine has always confused many buyers.


First of all, according to the product design, product characteristics and performance requirements, select and customize the matching corner labeling machine to be more useful and reasonable.

Secondly, when purchasing, choose those manufacturers with good reputation as much as possible. Foshan Jiayite Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is professional and reliable, with rich experience, improved skills, and guaranteed quality. It has more than 10 years of packaging and filling machines. Development and manufacturing experience.

Thirdly, try to buy a multi-functional, automatic and easy-to-operate labeling machine, which can be shared by one machine and multiple products, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Finally, select companies with relatively complete accessories and after-sales network, and avoid worries in terms of protection.