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How to determine the functional conditions of the packaging machine?

How to determine the functional conditions of the packaging machine?

JYT 2022-10-09 18:14:56

(1) Reliability.
In general, the increase in functions increases the number of packaging operations, (China Liquid cup filling machine factory)and the possibility of failure increases accordingly. Therefore, only when the operation of single-function packaging machines is quite stable and reliable, they can be considered to form multi-function packaging machines. Otherwise, the work efficiency will be reduced due to the increase of faults.


(2) Inheritance.
With the improvement and update of technology, the packaging machine(China automatic pill packing machine supplier) can be upgraded. On the basis of the original function, if new functions are added or the original functions are replaced, try not to replace all the components, but only update and transform the key components that affect the performance of the packaging machinery. , reduce unnecessary waste.

(3) Human nature.
The concept of "people-oriented" not only emphasizes the leading role of the designer in design, but also emphasizes the guiding and participation role of the user's use of packaging machinery in the design. The essence of methods such as green design, custom design, agile design, concurrent design, life cycle design, and innovative design that have emerged recently is to create a humanized environment through design, so that users can use and operate in a superior working environment. equipment.

(4) Adaptability.
The application range of any packaging machine (Automatic capping machine factory china)is limited, and the more functions the machine has, the more complex the structure will be. Therefore, the packaging machine is often designed in a combined form, that is to say, some combined components can be flexibly increased or decreased or modified according to the different needs of users.


The multi-function packaging machine is mainly used for packaging products with stable varieties and large batches, or the occasions where the packaging containers are formed, filled, labelled, etc. Container sorting and supply, etc.

Generally, the application range of the packaging machine should be wider, but it should be determined according to the needs of users, technical feasibility and economic rationality, distinguishing different situations and adjusting measures to local conditions.