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How to solve the fault of the bread packaging machine?

How to solve the fault of the bread packaging machine?

JYT 2022-07-05 17:38:37

The automatic bread packaging machine is an exclusive category of food packaging in the packaging machine pillow packaging machine (tobacco packaging machine factory china). This machine is a special packaging machine for one-time packaging of bread according to the special packaging characteristics of bread. The bread packaging machine is also suitable for the one-time rapid packaging of other lumps, regular solids or small trays.

The bread packing machine (bread packing machine wholesales china) is controlled by the original single-servo or double-servo motor. Compared with other products controlled by similar frequency conversion motors or frequency converters at home and abroad, the packaging precision is higher, the adjustable range is wider, and the control is more precise. Accuracy, lower scrap rates and better stability. Due to the use of the world's leading fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and maintenance is more convenient; in the use of box materials, 12mm thick steel plate ensures the stability of the whole machine under high-speed operation; due to the special products of bread In nature, the bread packaging machine can be equipped with alcohol spraying or nitrogen filling device, which strictly guarantees the safe consumption of bread.

So what if the bread packaging machine fails?

1. Out of control sealing temperature
1. The heat sealing quality of the composite material itself is not good, and the heat sealing coefficient changes, resulting in inconsistent temperature.
2. If the heat sealing pressure is uneven, just adjust the pressure spring of the heat sealing knife to make the pressure consistent. At the same time, the pressure contact surface of the heat sealing knife should be kept clean and free of dirt.
3. The thermometer is broken and must be repaired; in addition, the thermocouple may also be broken, and the sensed temperature cannot be transmitted to the thermometer normally. Just replace it with a thermocouple of the same model and specification.


Second, the fuse is blown
1. The size of the fuse is too small, and the problem can be solved by increasing its size accordingly.
2. Check whether the power supply is normal, then cut off the power supply, and use the resistance gear to test whether the switch is damaged.
3. Check whether the circuit and motor are short-circuited. Usually, when the motor is short-circuited, the winding is burned or the wire is broken, the fuse is blown as soon as the sealing machine is started. (fruit and vegetable packing machine factory).