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Features of coffee packaging machine

Features of coffee packaging machine

JYT 2022-07-05 16:31:43

Coffee is one of the three major beverages in the world. As an indispensable drink in modern human life, its attractive charm lies in its appropriate sour and bitter taste and fragrant mellowness. Due to the effect of stimulating the central nervous system or muscles, it can restore muscle fatigue, improve work efficiency, and has a sober The effect can make the mind lively and sensitive, and because of stimulating the sympathetic nerve, it can suppress the asthma caused by the excitement of the parasympathetic nerve. In addition, coffee also has the effect of helping digestion, especially when eating meat, drinking coffee can make gastric juice secrete more, promote digestion, and prevent gastroptosis.​​


Fully automatic coffee packing machine (China bean packing machine factory) is suitable for packaging high-precision, fragile bulk materials such as: puffed food, pet food, jelly, candy, nuts, potato chips, coffee beans or powder, etc.
1. Four-sealing (stable bag) bag making, measuring, unloading, sealing, cutting, counting, and batch number printing can be automatically completed according to customer requirements.
2. Color touch screen operation, PLC control, simple operation, intuitive and efficient.
3. Drive the stepper motor to control the bag length, with stable performance, convenient adjustment, accurate detection, simple structure, reliable circulation and convenient maintenance.
4. This machine adopts multi-head, adopts servo coding, and microcomputer technology control is the main technical feature.
5. Synchronous code control, sensitive action, low noise, excellent performance, reliable measurement, fast speed and high precision. Another it can display measurement counters.


The whole automatic coffee packaging machine (China small coffee packaging machine Supplier) is composed of several mechanisms, mainly including: tray device, horizontal sealing device, vertical sealing device, bag feeding device, material roll device, motor, etc. through a certain transmission relationship composition. The plastic film is rolled on the roll device and formed into a roll shape by a former, and then heat-sealed by the vertical sealing device, and then the bag is moved forward through the traction mechanism. It is injected into the vertically sealed bag, and is cut horizontally by the horizontal sealing mechanism, and the packaging is completed. According to the requirements of the packaging machine, it is necessary to ensure the coordination of movement between the various devices during the packaging process. The transmission scheme should meet the requirements of reliable operation, simple structure, compact size, transmission efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, and good technology and economy.​​


After analysis and comparison, (drip coffee bag packing machine China manufacturer) decided to adopt the following motion mode: the motor drives the V pulley to rotate, the worm gear decelerates to drive the camshaft to rotate, and then part of the power passes through the synchronous belt shaft, and the synchronous belt shaft passes through a The gears transmit power to the spool shaft. The worm gear is used for deceleration because its large transmission ratio can reduce the speed to the required size at one time, which makes the structure simple; using one shaft to drive the horizontal sealing mechanism, vertical sealing mechanism and belt transport mechanism at the same time can make the structure simple and guarantee. Coordinated work between the three at the same time; the use of synchronous belt drive can not only ensure accurate transmission ratio but also realize the transmission of large center distance. The whole mechanism is compact in structure, stable in transmission and small in impact.