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Is the machinery industry doing well?

Is the machinery industry doing well?

JYT 2022-11-09 17:16:43

With the development of economic globalization, my country's industrial development is getting faster and faster. As an important part of industrial machinery, (sauce filling machine price china)packaging machinery has a huge role in promoting industrial development. Packaging machinery plays an important role in daily home furnishing, kitchen and bathroom building materials, pharmaceutical food, beauty care, etc., and plays a role in guaranteeing the development of these industries. However, it is worth noting that although packaging machinery brings great convenience to the production of manufacturers, saves time and reduces production costs, once the packaging machinery and equipment fails, production will be stopped, resulting in huge economic losses. therefore. How to ensure the stability and reliability of packaging machinery and equipment is a huge test for manufacturers. As far as my country's current situation is concerned, China's packaging industry is constantly progressing and developing, and with the improvement of science and technology, the automation and intelligence of packaging machinery are also deepening.

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my country's packaging machinery industry started late. The first domestic packaging machine was independently developed by Beijing Machinery Research Institute after studying Japanese packaging machinery (China's self-adhesive labeling machine manufacturers )and summarizing experience. After years of development, packaging machinery has made great progress in my country, providing strong technical support and guarantee for the development of my country's packaging industry.


Although packaging machinery has a great influence on industrial development, there are also some shortcomings. In my country, most of the packaging enterprises are private enterprises, with relatively weak technical force and insufficient capital, and the phenomenon of repeated production is very easy to occur in the production process, which is a waste of resources and a loss of human, material and financial resources. According to incomplete statistics, there are few varieties of packaging machinery in my country, and the independent research and development capabilities of manufacturers are poor. The technologies used are all imported and cannot meet the development needs of our society.


The global demand for packaging machinery is increasing every year, especially the growth of packaging machinery and equipment in developing countries has expanded rapidly. Based on reality, my country's packaging machinery manufacturers have made certain progress in design and manufacturing. The demand for packaging machinery will grow rapidly. But it is worth mentioning that although my country's packaging machinery technology has made great progress, there is still a big gap compared with Western developed countries. To catch up with developed countries or even surpass the technical level of developed countries The following 2 aspects:
(1) Adhere to the road of independent innovation and adhere to the scientific concept of development
(2) Introducing major technologies and innovating after digestion and absorption