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Liquid packaging machine troubleshooting method

Liquid packaging machine troubleshooting method

JYT 2022-09-07 17:56:10

The liquid packaging machine produced by our company is suitable for the packaging of liquid materials such as sauce, paste, jam, cream, honey, peanut butter, shampoo, etc. It can automatically complete the measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, batch number printing, slitting, All tasks such as counting.

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So what are the common faults of liquid packaging machines? how to deal with

1. The motor cannot be moved, or the bag cannot be dropped:
Take a look at the proximity switch of the rotating cylinder, whether the contact iron can sense the proximity switch, the useful gap is 2mm, and whether the circuit is normal, check whether the electromagnet is damaged


2. The packaged goods have the appearance of a sunken package:
1. To see if the feeding system is normal, constantly adjust the force and direction of the claw, and adjust the speed of the feeding motor
2. Test the packaging materials of the liquid automatic packaging machine and record the comparison results
3. (sauce packing machine China manufacturer)Adjust the orientation of the feed knife (plus 0.1-0.5 pad).
4. Adjust the stroke of the clamping claws to disassemble the rotating brackets of the left and right clamping claws 33 to 354 and the arm scales 33 to 354, and adjust the clearance of the clamping claws at the lower rotation point azimuths 33 to 354 Coarse adjustment amount 33 To 354 to watch the Mercy itinerary and itinerary


3. The effect of the cover is not good:
1. Replace the cap
2. Adjust the cap punch and bottle height
3. Lock the cap
4. Adjust the direction of the positive pressure hood and the slideway of the lower hood


4. Poor sealing and water leakage of the automatic liquid packaging machine:
This may be because the die is not adjusted properly and the pressure is not enough. Or the sealing time is too short, resulting in the sealing is not tight, just adjust the sealing time longer.


5. The date part cannot be pressed out when the body packaging machine is working with liquid:
For this problem, it is generally caused by insufficient air pressure, or the air storage tank is too small, resulting in insufficient air supply, check whether this is the cause.