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Why is the price difference of packaging machine so big?

Why is the price difference of packaging machine so big?

JYT 2022-08-31 17:24:53

First of all, we need to know what are the common packaging machines on the market?

1; (China bread twist tie machine Manufacturers)The small bag packaging machine is small in weight and fast in speed. The weight is generally measured in grams, just like all kinds of small snacks we eat.

2; Medium bag packaging machine. The packing weight is generally about 5-50kg. The packing speed is defined according to the materials and output. The common words are flour, rice, putty powder and so on.

3; Ton bag packaging machine, packaging weight is generally 500-2000kg, packaging speed; Semi automatic is generally within 60 bags / hour, and fully automatic is generally within 180 tons / hour

We can select your own packaging machine in detail from the above classification of packaging machines. (screw packing machine supplier china)First determine what kind of packaging machine you need, and then define what kind of packaging machine you need to buy.


I have met many customers who asked how much it was at the first time? Can I use mine?


In fact, as long as your product needs to be packaged and put into the packaging bag, (Coffee capsule filling machine manufacturer China)you can use the packaging machine. Because the working principle of the packaging machine is basically to convert gas into electricity to cooperate with each other to drive the machine, so the use of some internal parts will have a great impact on the price.


In short, a brand has a price. If we install domestic or foreign brands of these parts, the price of the machines you buy as a whole is certainly not high. However, if you use imported or well-known brands, there may be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of differences. This is also the saying that you get what you pay for.