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Selection and application of vertical packaging machine

Selection and application of vertical packaging machine

JYT 2022-10-19 17:38:30

According to the classification, packaging machines can be divided into vertical packaging machines and pillow packaging machines (horizontal packaging machines(China shrink packaging machine factory)). Suitable for liquids, powders and granules that are relatively loose and fluid.

(China carton packing machine factory)

At the beginning of the selection of vertical packaging machines, it is necessary to clarify and inform the manufacturer of the following:
First, the material characteristics of the packaging, is it granular material or powder or liquid material?
Second, it is the requirement of packaging accuracy, which is convenient to choose a suitable automatic metering device;
Third, the weight of a single package of packaging materials or the bag length and bag width of the packaging bag are convenient for selecting the appropriate model (reservation of some space is required);


Vertical packaging machine workflow:
Vertical packaging machines (bread packing machine wholesales china)generally have two packaging functions, namely fixed-length cutting and cursor cutting. Which packaging method is used when the machine is running depends on the packaging film. The packaging film is roughly divided into positioning points and no positioning points. The packaging film without positioning points shall be cut to a fixed length, and those with positioning points shall be cut with the cursor.
The roll film is made into the required cylindrical shape by the collar type bag maker, the material is fed once by the quantitative feeding mechanism above, and the material is fed into the prepared bag through the feeding tube, and the longitudinal sealing is completed while pulling the film. The heat-sealed bag is then cut open by a cross-sealing cutter to complete the entire packaging process.


The above content can basically choose the food packaging machine that suits you. If you have special needs or personalization for him, you need to inform in advance!