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What are the advantages of capping machine?

What are the advantages of capping machine?

JYT 2022-06-02 17:16:15

Modern packaging technology is becoming more and more intelligent. The development of packaging machines, filling machines, capping machines and other technologies has made great progress. Fully automatic capping machines have their own unique advantages and dominate the market. Most beverages, daily chemicals, and paste products need to use a fully automatic capping machine. Use the intelligent automatic capping machine, so that the capping accuracy of the capping machine has no deviation. Therefore, the automatic capping machine has won praise and recognition in the market.


The fully automatic capping machine does not require manual operation, and has high technical requirements. In terms of technological development, it is towards diversification of mechanical functions, standardized structural design, modularization, and intelligent control. Therefore, the development of automatic capping machine provides the necessary guarantee for the modern processing and mass production of enterprises. At present, the automatic capping machine continues to open up a broad industry development space, and promotes good and fast economic development for my country's automatic capping machinery market.

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So what are the advantages of the automatic capping machine?
1. Elegant appearance, dexterity, fast capping speed and high pass rate.
2. Modern and unique design, intelligent control of mechanical torque, very convenient operation and adjustment.
3. Good compatibility, can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of bottle caps.
4. The capping wheel is made of wear-resistant silicone, which does not hurt the cap
5. Constant torque capping head, easy to adjust the pressure.
6. The structure is compact and reasonable, and can be easily linked with other equipment into a line.


Automatic capping machines for the food and beverage industry, glass and metal containers. It works with a variety of cap styles, including dropper caps, chubby gorilla caps, unicorn caps, tamper-proof caps, push-pull caps, sports caps, and more. Good sealing and fast capping are its advantages.