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What are the packaging methods of rose tea?

What are the packaging methods of rose tea?

JYT 2022-06-08 17:58:16

Rose is not only a beautiful ornamental flower, but it can also be made into a pleasant and fragrant rose tea. Rose tea is loved by consumers because of its unique health benefits. How to effectively preserve rose tea is an important link to ensure the charm of rose tea. There are also a variety of packaging methods for rose tea. The following are the four commonly used packaging methods for rose tea.


There are four main packaging methods for rose tea on the market

1. Metal can packaging
The metal can packaging has excellent anti-breakage, moisture-proof and sealing performance, which is an ideal packaging for rose tea. Metal cans are generally made of tin-plated sheet steel, and the cans are square or cylindrical, and are covered with single-layer lids and double-layer lids. From the point of sealing, there are two kinds of general cans and sealed cans. In terms of packaging technology, the general tank can be packaged with a deoxidizer to remove oxygen in the package. Most of the sealed cans are inflated and vacuum packed. Metal cans have better protection for tea than composite films, and have beautiful and noble appearance. The disadvantage is that the packaging cost is high, the weight ratio of packaging to goods is high, and transportation costs are increased. Delicately designed metal cans are suitable for packaging rose tea.


2, carton packaging
The carton is made of white board paper, gray board paper, etc. after printing, the carton packaging prevents easy damage, and the shading performance is also excellent. In order to solve the volatilization of the aroma of carton-packed rose tea and avoid the influence of external odor, the tea is generally packed in polyethylene plastic bags and then put into the carton. The disadvantage of carton packaging is that it is easy to be damp. In recent years, paper-plastic composite packaging boxes have appeared, which overcomes the problem of easy damping of cartons. This kind of packaging material is made of plastic film layer or cardboard coated with moisture-proof coating. The packaging box not only has the function of composite film bag packaging, but also has the protection and rigidity of carton packaging. If it is made into a small packaging bag with a plastic bag inside, the protection effect is better.


3. Plastic container packaging
Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic molding containers have the characteristics of being generous, beautiful, and good packaging display effect, but their sealing performance is poor. They are mostly used as outer packaging in rose tea packaging, and composite film plastic is used in the packaging. Bag packaging.

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4. Paper bag packaging
Also known as tea bag, this is a kind of bag packaging made of thin filter paper, which is put into the tea set together with the paper bag when used. The purpose of packaging in filter paper bags is mainly to improve the extraction rate, and also to make full use of the tea powder in the tea factory. Because tea bags have the advantages of fast brewing, cleanliness and hygiene, standard dosage, can be mixed with drinking, convenient slag discharge, easy to carry, etc., it can meet the needs of modern people's fast-paced life and is very popular in the international market. In the early days, tea bags generally had bag lines to meet the convenience of multiple immersion. Due to the requirements of environmental protection, tea bags without bag lines are gradually popular.