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What is the future development trend of the filling machine market?

What is the future development trend of the filling machine market?

JYT 2022-06-09 17:49:36

Filling machine is a small type of product in packaging machine, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries.


It is understood that my country's filling machine filling machinery manufacturing industry (China Spice Bottle Filling Machine Factory) started late. In the past, manual filling has been the main method. The equipment technology is backward, the filling speed is slow, and there are hygienic problems.


But in recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology and the country's strong support for the manufacturing industry, my country's filling machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly after going through the process of imitation, introduction, innovation, and independent development. The technical level, equipment performance, quality and other aspects have been greatly improved, and it can be said that it has reached a new level.


At present, domestic filling machines are also playing an increasingly important role in supporting the efficient and safe production of pharmaceutical companies.


More and more filling machine manufacturers have also begun to apply higher-end filling machine equipment to the production line, and cooperate with other packaging equipment such as: capping machine (automatic capping machine factory China), labeling machine, spray Code machines, etc. work together to better meet the needs of enterprise automation development.


In this context, the industry believes that domestic filling machines will gain a larger market space and accelerate import substitution by virtue of their advantages such as high cost performance and convenient maintenance and operation. It is worth noting that although the domestic filling machine products in the current market have been abundant, the products of each manufacturer also have their own characteristics, which can well meet the needs of the domestic market. However, compared with foreign excellent and imported filling equipment, the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry still has shortcomings in technology, innovation, talents, concepts, etc. It is urgent to make up for the future domestic filling machines in order to achieve better development, it is necessary to To make up for these shortcomings, how should these shortcomings be filled?


The industry believes that the first thing a good product looks at is function and quality. Therefore, under the background that maintaining independent innovation has become a breakthrough in realizing the strength and quality improvement of domestic pharmaceutical equipment, the domestic filling machine industry needs to strengthen basic research and independent innovation.


It is reported that under the background of the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry and the increasing concentration of the equipment industry, in order to improve the production capacity of the equipment, some oral agent filling machine companies have introduced German technology, combined with the actual domestic demand, and the needs of customers. Under the redesign and planning, the company has innovated and upgraded its own products, and its equipment output is more than double that of ordinary equipment, generally reaching 200~250 bottles per minute.


There are also filling machine companies (honey spoon filling and sealing machine manufacturers), which combine the actual needs of customers for equipment reliability, take the existing filling machines as the research object, analyze their process requirements and structural characteristics, and meet the filling requirements. Under the premise of technological requirements, some functional structures of the existing filling machine are improved, and the overall structure model of the new filling machine is established, which improves the stability of the filling machine.

In addition to innovation in equipment, many pharmaceutical machine companies have also increased investment in basic research facilities and talents, and began to establish specialized engineering technology centers. At present, many companies have established close cooperative relationships with universities and research institutes, as well as industry-university-research cooperation methods, aiming at the current situation that their own research on basic processes and basic materials is not enough. , Human resources have injected more new impetus.


In general, my country's filling machine industry is constantly narrowing the gap with foreign products and technologies, and is developing towards high quality. In the future, with the continuous improvement of industry requirements, it will also promote the continuous progress of filling machine technology.


The industry predicts that under the new situation, my country's filling machinery manufacturing industry will accelerate its development in the four directions of high-speed production, rationalization of equipment structure, multi-functional equipment, and intelligent control. Diversification keeps advancing.